Re: Nanuck of the North

Posted by Peter Lyons on Jun 2, 2004

Well, good for you, "Nanuck" Maurer! This whole rolling thing sounds like a hoot! I can hardly wait to try it for myself. Maybe I can convince someone at the Midwest Meet at the Beach on Saturday to lemme have a go at it in their boat. Or... maybe someone can step up and show me how to eskimo roll my MC 16.5? Man, I'd pay money to see that demonstrated.

>>(I wonder what page of "The Strip-Built Sea Kayak" Peter is on today?)<<

I'm not reading it in order! I'm incurably guilty of going back and forth, back and forth through a book like this one, browsing it like it's a magazine. Looks like a piece o' cake, though. Just gotta figger out what to use for money! If these four kids of mine would quit eatin' so much and growing out of clothes, it wouldn't put such a crimp in my little hobby!

In Response to: Nanuck of the North by Kurt Maurer on Jun 2, 2004