Re: The Chessy 16? Pft!

Posted by LeeG on Jun 3, 2004

saying a particular kayak is easy/hard to roll is like saying some bicycles are easier to pedal than others. Some are but the differences aren't enough to keep you from riding to the store. If you know how to ride,,you'll ride it as long as there's air in the tires. If you don't know how to roll then anything will be a challenge,,it's not the kayak you're rolling,,it's yourself. For example the "easy to roll" Northbay would be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to roll without minicell thigh braces or something to spread the contact at your knees around so you weren't trying to roll your kneecap around against the deck beam or underside of the deck. If your thigh braces only contacted your kneecaps and your hips were loose against the hip braces (or there were NO hipbraces) you'd find a deep kayak like the Chesapeake would be hard to learn to roll ,,,,but so would an Arctic Hawk,,,if you pad out the thigh braces and hip braces well it wouldn't matter.

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