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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 3, 2004

I never had a son, but it seems as though I have one now. But then, you COULD grow up, y' know...

Anyway, I tried "the other side" just once, and failed miserably. I decided - with the help of my coach - that it was "overly ambitious", but will get back on it forewith (without him - HA HA HA!!!).

I did not try the nose bubble trick yet, since I am still a little traumatized by having a snoot full of water so many times yesterday. But I did, on one roll, think about practicing it with my nose clip on, and that might ought to develop the habit. So I believe I'll use the nose clip, but make the effort to keep a little pressure on it for training. Next time I'm in a pool I'll try it clip-less. I do not want to have to rely on my "comfort aids" forever.

Rolling without the skirt *or* PFD is easy. You can roll in water that only comes up to your waist if it is a soft bottom, and that is where I did my "au naturel" rolls. I wear only a pair of nylon running shorts (they dry quickly), and it was almost like paddling nekkid. Kinda nice, actually. Blush.

I do wonder, however, what *real* paddlers wear. As ridiculous as I perhaps look in my skivvies, I'm not about to put a pair of modern swimming trunks on. What does Our Gang wear when they know they're fixin' to get WET? And do people really sport PFD tan lines? Hoo-boy, I'm not so sure I'm ready for THAT either.

Oh, and I used no goggles, and indeed, kept my eyes closed since this water just ain't the best that ehvah wuz (yeah, that's what I sound like). No ear plugs either, although they might be nice. I hate having ears fulla water (us suthunahs say 'wawduh'). I tried the gogs briefly, but they jus' ain't nuthin' t' see when yer down in de bayou.

Cheers, Kurt

Cheers, Kurt

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