Re: PFD's - failed logic

Posted by Sailboy on Jun 8, 2004

"you need a passive PFD that will function as soon as you're wet. Very cold water can be debilitating and even a momentary lapse of concentration or conciousness caused by a whacking branch or bumping your head on a bridge support could be enough to drown you."

The problem with this concept is that the currently trendy passive PFD's sold to the yak community have so little floatation (less than half of an ocean inflatable) that they WILL NOT float your unconcious nostrils up and out of the water. The current generation of inflatables are designed to automagically inflate and roll you face up. But perhaps the best feature is that you won't mind wearing an inflatable nearly as much as a foam jacket(R value - 16) when the air temps hit the 80's and all that paddling has you steamed. SB

In Response to: Re: The Mae West PFD by Terry Mcadams on Jun 8, 2004