Oh, Pshaw...

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 10, 2004

Peter, don't be asking John about 'the stripper in his garage'... it only sets him off to bragging about nothing, and he's *terrible* about that. I can tell you it's either a banged-together Guillemot, or maybe a slap-dash Expedition Sport, or even perhaps a leaky, duct-taped-up old Night Heron that can hardly even stay upright in the water.

You ought to see him try to paddle his makeshift creations. He's forever turning upside-down, then having to right himself from inside the boat because he doesn't even know how to swim.

He's so awful... that after spending one lousy day in his company, I'm doing the SAME THING any more. Sheeeeesh.

Oooops, oh sorry, Allan... you were asking a question? If you cant hang a boat horizontally, then hanging it by the neck ought to be just as effective, and maybe even more fun, who knows? I build outdoors also, so I feel your pain, dude. Okay, so I build under a carport. Well, it ain't like it's in the blasted living room!!

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: stripper in your garage by Peter Lyons on Jun 10, 2004