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Posted by LeeG on Jun 14, 2004

Dave that's a very cool photo. Sounds like what you're doing to the Pax18 is what Bobby Curtis ,Bill Whitcomb and I have done with the Northbay. We built one, paddled it, then modified it for a totally new construction from the experience. DId you have a standard Pax18 that you started with or is this all new construction? When I searched the racing categories for the 10%beam/length races for the Paxs one thing I noticed was the prevalence of oval racing cockpits, and racing rudder,not coming from a racing background I started learning a bit more,,and what I didn't know. Was the deck made frames then glued on the sheerclamps? Cool photo,,no wake but you're going fast enough that the paddle splash is way behind you. Making a one piece deck with a curved sheer and high bow does make one go to different solutions for deck installations than one bent piece of ply. That's when I tried a little strip pre-glued under the foredeck to keep it from folding on a 14' radius deck beam. Do you think there's enough rocker in the hull for waves?

In Response to: CPax by Dave Grainger on Jun 14, 2004