Re: too cool

Posted by Dave Grainger on Jun 14, 2004

There's rocker enough for about 2' waves. The bow will bury now and then, but it surfaces without stopping the boat too much. I have a relatively high seat position for maximum power, and that makes it squirrelly when the bow and stern are on wave crests and there's a trough amidships. The boat surfs like nothing I've ever paddled before - I can catch stuff I'd never even consider in my Pintail. Of course the boat is made to go straight, so 'enough' rocker is a very subjective concept. It's definitely not a 'go out and play in the waves' boat unless your definition of 'play' is go straight as fast as possible and catch everything in sight. Changing direction is not an easy process, but, that can be good because the boat stays on the wave in rear quartering seas without an overpowering tendency to broach.

In Response to: too cool by LeeG on Jun 14, 2004