Re: The Tiller Thing

Posted by LeeG on Jun 14, 2004

your knees are in line with your feet and not splayed out,,feet are on a cross piece with a slot in it and a bar that extends a few inches between your feet is pivoted/hinged a 10" or so beyond the foot brace. So instead of two foot braces like a push/pull rail or pivoting footbraces like a Sealine set up or Surfski set up the bracing for your feet is one unit,,the steering for the rudder is another unit with NO load on it. You just tap the tiller left or right to steer. I bet with 3mm ply and molds one could make a really hot racing kayak with a combination of construction techniques between the tortured technique of the Yare and paneled sections of a multichine hull and various specialty cloths.

In Response to: The Tiller Thing by Kurt Maurer on Jun 14, 2004