Re: Fast 'kayak' 18 MPH +

Posted by Ice-Phil on Jul 3, 2004

Pete, Thanks, I don't know anything about the BBS host posting thing.

Just was thinking 'out of the box'. When Meade Gougeon (WEST Systems) in Bay City, Michigan came out with the wing mast, there were many skeptics. Years ago Meade and a business partneer of mine pulled the deck off a Hobie 14 and gutted the boat before minimum weight limits. In heavy air in the Canadian Championship they lapped the field with the light boat. They could come off the wind a lot further downwind and point substancially higher. Meade also brought carbon fiber to boats. The epoxy and carbon fiber came out of Dow Chemicals lab in Bay City. The Gougeons have built and raced some radical designs going for the Little America's Cup speed record. Final note, a lot of catamaran & America's Cup boat's innovations have come from high tech iceboats.

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