Re: Poplar

Posted by dave stanley on Jul 30, 2004

Popple in Vermont, the trees grow fast and tall with little branching in their quest for sunlight. I have cut 18 inch to 2 footers and then block them and leave them rot(it's fast) as it is not "hard enuf to give good heat in the wooodstove". It is not worth my cutting, splitting and carrying to the basement. It is on the soft side of hardwoods, Groucho Marx had a joke about going home and "trying to bend one in wife the", being hard isn't equal across the board. On Car Talk years ago there was a Puzzler asking why they would use soft hardwoods instead of oak, hickory, ash etc. for coal mine shoring material. Answer:the hardwoods threshold for breaking is such that when it breaks there is no warning. With the softer woods such as poplar there are creaking and flexing noises as the dangerous loading is increased givng the miners time to get out or shore up better. This isn't the tulip variety which is a wahole other story.

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