Cabinet Scrapers

Posted by Dave Houser on Aug 25, 2004

I use a cabinet (or card) scraper to shave off hight spots usually drips. They are superior to sanding for drip removal because they are faster, do not unwantingly remove the material surrounding the drip and can be used on green-cured epoxy when sandpaper would just smear the epoxy. They do not eliminate sanding.

They are good for feathering the edge of epoxied cloth without digging into the adjacent cloth. They also are great for removing the hard fuzz from a cured seal coat to avoid snaging the cloth. If you radius a corner of the scraper it can be used to knock bumbs off of fillets. And they are great for removing drips off the work bench to return it to a flat surface.

I would not want to built a kayak without one. I prefer them over the carbide paint scraper type because they allow more control. The paint scrapers are good for heavy epoxy removal, but watch out for their corners digging in.

How to Use a Cabinet Scraper

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