Next Kayak

Posted by Mac on Sep 2, 2004

Oh, and there's ALWAYS a next one! Good Morning All.

Last winter I built a hard chined kayak from a kit and am just delighted with the project and how it, and now I, paddle.

As I am large, so is the kayak, and this has the vast majority of my family and guests puddling around in a barge.

I'd like to build another kit this winter more targeted at the 140 to 200 lb range. (I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze my 240 lbs into it as well, for little sprints).

I'm also looking for a wee bit more of a building and finishing challenge this time, and am thinking of a bright finished, multi-chined West River 18.

I must admit I fell in love with this boat when watching John's Zen Tape (good marketing Mr. Harris!)

I know the hard/soft chine debate will go on forever re: primary and secondary stability, wetted surface, speed etc., but is there really a HUGE difference?

As for the build, I imagine that the biggest difference is the amount of scarf joinery, stitching, filleting and taping? The top half looks very much like a Chessy. Any surprises inside?

I value the collective insight of this forum probably more than any other source, and thank you as always, for your indulgence. (See? Now you're obligated to reply - even to tell me that you don't have to. Ha!)