Re: Side deck install: MC

Posted by Tom M. on Sep 16, 2004

Mac, you got it. I'm starting to have a lot of fun with this contraption that is more and more looking like a real boat that just might float.

I was leaning toward the white hull as that photo of a MC that way (with the wrap) looked cool. BUT, I too wonder about how much dings will show. Especially scratches on the bottom. In varnish they probably won't look too bad. But in white paint, I bet they'll look horrible. And my water entrance will predominately be from a sandy shoreline in front of my house.

I liked that wrapover look. But I also think the look of the bronze nails is cool. Ahhhh, decisions, decisions! But yes, I don't want to paint those rubrails so that kinda nixes the wrapover, if I paint it in the first place. So I guess at least one decision is outta the way. :)

????? :P

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