Re: avoiding visible dama

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Sep 20, 2004

(1) Pad all supports that you use when transporting the boat to your put-in point.

(2) Use foam pads to protect your boat when strapping it down to your transport.

(3) Never let your boat sit on sand or gravel when getting in, meaning have it floating in shallow water before you get in. This is a challenging maneuver since your boat will be way off balance as you pile in.

(4) When paddling, always be leery of gravel and sand bars, they will grind yoru keel down to the wood very quickly

(5) Store it on straps supported from the rafters or on a padded (i.e: carpetted) braces

(6) Don't take it out of the garage if you can't do any of the above.

(7) Never ever do anything I do to my boats, you're gauranteed to need repairs every spring.

(8) Touch-up any scratches with varnish often, the new varnish won't show over the old unless the old is very old.

If you can do this I'd be surprised and impressed. I never worry about scratches or gouges as long as they don't go down to the wood. I check the boat over each winter so I know what repairs it needs in the spring. Damage is inevitable and if you obssess over it you'll either go nutsy or never take it out. You built a wooden boat, you can repair it perfectly each spring so have careful fun with it and enjoy.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: avoiding visible damage by Mischa on Sep 20, 2004