Re: Winter Storage

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Sep 23, 2004

Funny you said that about the weather down south, Mac. (For those of you who don't know that the wife and I are from New Jersey, but now have a summer home in Nova Scotia, well, you know now!). Anyhow, one of the reasons we bought in NS is no hurricanes.

Or so we thought.

Wouldn't you know it that the first big one in, like, 40 years rolls into the Province the month after we close on the damn house? A real nail-biter, as we watched it skid north of our village and slam Halifax.

Good grief!

Then another reason we liked Nova Scotia was the mild winters, for Canada anyway. (No offense to the inlanders, but 30 below F is self abuse of the worst sort, in my book). So after the hurricane Nova Scotia gets the worst winter in 40 years! Cripes! It must be us. The Canucks may declare us meteorological persona non grata and intercept us at the border like that former Cat Stevens dude.

Well, at least they don't have earthquakes there ... do they?


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