Re: No deck nails?

Posted by Tony O on Sep 25, 2004

I just finished my daughter's Ch16LT without nails. I started by strapping the deck at the bulkheads and deckbeam. Then began wrapping the entire boat with 4"plastic shrinkwrap... like a mummy. Like one of the other respondents, I had to pre-fit and trim the deck close to the sheer to avoid additional camber, but also set 6 foot long 2x2's on top of the deck and wrapped then inside. The additional angle of the wrap going over the 2x2's helped push the deck down onto the tops of the bulkheads and deckbeam. When the epoxie cured, (I waited 2 1/2 days to make sure)I just slit the plastic wrap like filleting a northern pike. No tape adhesive to worry about, epoxie does not stick to plastic wrap and the cost of the wrap (available at any hardware store) was alot less than packing tape.

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