Re: epoxy vapour toxic?

Posted by Howard on Oct 7, 2004

i have not built in a basement...but i do build in my garage....i agree with everything that has been said are some additional things i do to prenvent epoxy contamination...

try also to be very sensitive to cross contamination and do the following....- i have a pair of work shoes that slip on and off easily. i also have long-sleeved/long pant work clothes as well as a hat that i slip in and out of when moving between my work area and the house. this way i keep spills and boat work dust off me and out of the house. you could easily buy a cheap tyvek set of coveralls to accomplish the same objective.

when i wash this is washed seperately.

if you have kids like i do (or if you have pets), you want to ensure that you take precautions to keep them away from accidental exposure to uncured epoxy, raw materials and dirt. my garage is locked/off limits to the kids when i am working or when a epoxy is curing.

keep adequate clean up supplies (vinegar, paper towels and a big wastebasket) handy in your work area so any emergencies can be handled in your work area. turn off the phone when handling expoxies. check your gloves as you work as they can tear easily if they touch a sharp fibreglass edge.

finally, invest in a good carbide will significantly reduce the amount of sanding you will need to do if used properly reducing the resulting amount of dust produced.

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