Re: Ches 16 vs. Ches 17.

Posted by Myron on Oct 8, 2004

We have both the ch16 & ch17 as well as 3 others (different models) and I have paddled the ch18. I am larger than you are and the 17 works very well for me. The ch18 is a LARGE volume boat designed more for carring lots of "gear" on a many month excursion. Not what most of us are looking for.

The only time savings you can count on is the thinking time will decrease with experience because you have some idea how to do each step. At least for me the working time didn't decrease much because the same jobs still have to be done.

On one boat, I put in a large cockpit opening and I like that much better. When I have extra time (LOL) I am thinking of putting a larger cockpit on all my boats.

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