Re: Ches 16 vs. Ches 17.

Posted by Paul on Oct 8, 2004

Jim, I've built a ch 18 and a ch 21 double. The 16 ,17 and 18 are the same shape, so I acnt see there being that much difference. The 18 is a good boat even as large as it is,surprisingly quick,very stable and also sails well.For the type of paddleing I do,I like waterline length. If I did it again, I would cut the shear height down about 1" or slightly more. Keep the same height at the bow and curve it down to about 4ft back from the bow, then 1" all the way to the stern.(like the 18lt) This would help with windage and also a slightly lower paddle position, while keeping the same bow height. My 2c worth Cheers Paul

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