Re: epoxy vapour toxic?

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 8, 2004

Amen to Howard's thoughts on the carbide scrapers. Used consistently after every epoxy coat or glue-up, they can eliminate virtually all of the toughest sanding (drips, sags, nubs and other high spots).

Also, when I build in the winter, I go one better than Lee's option of putting the vac outside - I take the boat outside to sand it, which eliminates the problem of fugitive dust your vacuum misses and allows for hand sanding without the vac (but still with the respirator). Then you can do a quick, warm water rinse of the hull to remove the dust and surface contaminants before you take it back indoors. I find the boat slides through my smallish, 18 x 36 basement windows quite easily.

Some vacs are better than others at keeping the dust in the vac, rather than just blowing it back in the shop. Fein vacs are vary good at this, but pricier than many of the home center shop vacs. Still, for their efficiency and quieter operation, they're worth it. Most vacs brands allow for the fitting of a 1 micron or a HEPA filter and internal waste bags to further reduce the dust in the shop, if you can't put your vac outside.

Building in the winter is a nice way to pass the dark months, and keep the daydreams of warm, summer paddling days vivid and reassuring.


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