Re: Skerry Video

Posted by Mark Camp on Oct 11, 2004

Fantastic video!

Other than making me want to drop everything and go sailing right now, even if I have to steal a Skerry:

1. the boat seemed to be making very good speed with no heeling. impressive. 2. you and the sailmaker did something right in making and setting up your rig...most photos of a spritsail rig, especially the optional sort, show a sail with a lot of wrinkles. I always get the feeling "yes, lots of sail with a nice low center of effort, and a nice short mast, but not too efficient from a pure sailing point of view. The video, on the other hand, showed a sail that looked like it was very efficient and well-tuned. So, good on ya mate, to both you and the dawg.

In Response to: Skerry Video by Steven R on Oct 11, 2004