Re: Finishing

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Oct 12, 2004

Tom sheepishly sez: "I'm not sure my nerves could take building another one."

Lissen, my boy... you have come through the ordeal in fine form, so you are evidently stronger than you give yourself credit for being. AND, the fabled *next one* will be craploads easier anyway. So quitcher hem-hawing.

Tell ya what, I'm feeling so generous this evening that I will even go so far as to give you permission to forget about finishing your boat altogether, and go paddling instead. After all, it's damnear winter, and you can do finish work in January... a notion which has the added benefit of giving you even more time to practice the fine art of stressing out over what to do about it...


Then the rascal had the nerve to publicly post: "as an unskilled woodworker I'm pretty proud of myself"...

Unskilled, eh? If you're agonizing over finishes, I'd say you have proved a point somewhere along the line... Especially since you even admit to being proud of yourself. I'd have to say the DA could make short work of you, buddy.

Cheers! Kurt

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