Luan is underated

Posted by Petewp on Oct 18, 2004

Douglas Fir aside, Lusan is a terrificaly underated wood for kayak building. True, it doesnt flex like okoume, however the "fallout" issue is way way overblown. Ive made countless things out of luan , a doll house for my daughter among other things. Im sorry, but I dont have voids spilling out all over the place. Really the only things that need to be made mind too is that the sheets you buy are all of equal or near equal thickness. Sure , you may throw a few sheets out, but the monetary savings is still far and away terrific compared to the nearly 400 bux youd spend on okoume shipping included. Another argument made by the okoume "pushers" is the gluing isnt as good as the british grade okoume. Solid point, but pointless given the low stress environment kayaks see. Moreover, once encapsolated in epoxy and glassed as well, the glue issue is well nill.

By contrast, if you were building, say a race cat where the water pounding is something awsome, sure the glue issue is relevant. To say though, as one person had said on the BBS that a luan kayak is a "death trap" is sheer nonsense. If your kayak "fails" because of the luan - there was a whole hell of a lot wrong with it without even touching on the wood type.

I just make this point because I know there are quite a few beginners who would love to have their first kayak out of wood but either stop all together due to wood cost [ a real crime ] or buy the wood with uneeded stress on there finances at home.

It wont bend like okoume, wont look as nice as okoume, but sure as hell will float a boat with modest curvatures.

Pete My .02 cents

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