Re: Luan is underated

Posted by Dick R on Oct 19, 2004

In truth, I do not know one piece of wood from another. However, the comment was made above "By contrast, if you were building, say a race cat where the water pounding is something awsome, sure the glue issue is relevant. To say though, as one person had said on the BBS that a luan kayak is a "death trap" is sheer nonsense. "

That is disturbing. These are KAYAKS, meant to be used in all sorts of rough conditions, just like their inventors in the Arctic intended. Try some surf or landing on rocks and you will understand the need for a good strong boat. Unless you are just going to paddle around the ol' mill pond, I think it prudent to listen to the folks at CLC and use high-grade okoume plywood.

Also worth considering is that you are going to invest a lot of time in building a nice kayak, which for most folks is a lot more valuable than a few dollars.

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