Re: Luan is underated

Posted by LeeG on Oct 19, 2004

Sure, but at the same time the regular glassing schedule of the Chesapeake doesn't include glass in the compartment bottom panels. This results in very high grade Okoume being most vulnerable to checking/waterstains in the area behind the aft bulkhead where sitting on the aft edge of the coaming is a common entry point. When your kayak is settling on an uneven or rocky beach the wide bottom panel is very solid in the area of the cockpt,,but 6" back in the compartment there is no cloth between the 3" tape on the chines and keel on the inside. This may seem minor but luan glassed on both sides won't flex up and open tiny waterstaining cracks as will Okoume glassed only on the bottom.

In Response to: Re: Luan is underated by Dick R on Oct 19, 2004