Re: sailing johs sharpie

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Oct 19, 2004

Don't own a CLC sharpie, sorry. I have sailed many small split rigged sailboats over the years, including some older sharpies. One-sail performance of a balanced split-rigged boat is based on several factors, including centerboard location and type, mast location, reefing and crew weight distribution. Odd that using the main only would give tiresome weather helm and not lee helm, and that she won't tack with the srong weather helm.

Anyhow, most balanced split rigs I've sailed perform poorly to windward under one sail, either with poor pointing, fatiguing helm or both. Best to fly both sails if you can, particulary if you're trying to get somewhere to windward in a reasonable time. Looks prettier also.


In Response to: sailing johs sharpie by Irl Weatherford on Oct 19, 2004