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Posted by LeeG on Oct 21, 2004

I was curious coming in that you are coming from a first time builders perspective. I don't think it'll affect handling either. But I've seen a few folks go to great lengths to correct for it after the epoxy is cured by re-cutting the ends or using fairing compound. My take on it is that a person has to spend as much effort as possible ensuring twist doesn't occure from the beginning because significant twist that's caused by a slight left/right misalignment will not come out satisfactorily by "untwisting". It just shifts the misalignment into another plane. 1/8" left/right misalignment of the mirrored bottom or side panels will not come out by "untwisting" the ends as hundred loose wires are still holding the panels tight together against the tension of the sprung sheerclamps. What I did was make absolutely sure the mirrored panels were the exact same length and didn't shift left/right as they were stitched up. Aso the bottom panels were wired loosely in that it's easy for the center keel wires to be too tight when opened up butterfly like before wiring onto the side panels.

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