Re: flush hatch

Posted by Tony Calvert on Oct 31, 2004

Originally I tried using closed cell foam to seal the hatches but it wasn't all that successful so I ended up using a bead of silicone. The way I did it was to cover the hatch with cling wrap, then put a bead of silicone on the boat side hatch lip. Then you just place the hatch in position and let the silicone dry (approx 1-2 days). It works very well, the magnets are strong enough that the 1/4" gap isn't a problem. On my boat (the original one) I have trouble getting my hatches off because I haven't put a divot in the boat to help and I haven't had any problems with hatches coming loose when transporting the kayak it handles 120kph (70 mph).

Cheers Tony

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