Re: Retrofit of Dayhatch

Posted by George K on Nov 18, 2004


I'm just finishing up a CH 17LT for my wife and installed a day hatch as I built, i.e., no retro-fit and installed a second bulkhead before putting on the deck. Take a look at the first picture on Shop Tips on Installing a Day Hatch and you'll see the setup I'll be using. The day hatch to one side, starboard in my case, with the webbing for paddle float beside it. I've not tried it out but I can't imagine it won't work! I bought the VPC hatch from CLC and it's a bit larger than I thought it would be. I only have 9" between bulkheads and should have used at least 10" but I got it to work out. One of the bolts is actually in the aft compartment, the rest are in the day hatch compartment. Not a problem.

This building stuff is addictive.

Have a great one!


In Response to: Retrofit of Dayhatch by Mac on Nov 18, 2004