Re: Retrofit of Dayhatch

Posted by LeeG on Nov 18, 2004

I put one on my glass Express with a nylon bag inside,,like what you'd see in some sit-ons or dinghies. Those screw on hatches belong on boats where you aren't going to be mixing up grit a lot. Last time I was at the beach with it as an instructor for a surf class I could NOT open it up. My hands were cold and it was impossible to open it. Since then I tried with a set of pliers and realized I'd break it first. The problem is to have it snug enough so it's not loose it has to be on with some slight effort,,once you mix sand in there the effort will be overcoming friction of the sand and not just closing the seal. By the time I worked hard to open/close it it became unattractive for vital needs stuff,,which is what the whole idea of another accessible hatch is about. Prior to that time I tried getting into it while on the water and it was a lot more work than a vcp hatch.

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