Re: VCP with Nylon Bag

Posted by Mac on Nov 18, 2004


What do you think of a VCP hatch cover with a dry bag sealed under the opening? I don't need the room of the complete width of the kayak, nor do I want to rummage around in that much space to find a bottle of sunblock. Also, a permenant bulkhead would take a great deal of space away from the rear hatch (especially one made of 3" thick minicell).

I'm thinking of making a gasket using the flange as a template and sealing it into the neck of an appropriate sized dry bag. It would then be held in place up under the deck using the same bolts as the hatch.

This should provide enough room for a small camera, binoculars, sunscreen, gloves etc. And keep them within easy reach of my right hand. Should I flip with the VCP lid off, the hatch would only flood to the size of the bag - less than a full width compartment.

Thoughts please?

In Response to: Re: Retrofit of Dayhatch by LeeG on Nov 18, 2004