Re: VCP with Nylon Bag

Posted by LeeG on Nov 19, 2004

Day hatches started with low volume British boats where it really wasn't possible to store much in the cockpit. On those kayaks the day hatch really isn't that accessible in any kind of waves as the aft deck gets awash quite easily. I wonder if they developed out of the optional aft deck pumps where a particular deck mold was made for the pump but they found out that the pumps degraded in no time (thin rubber bellows exposed to sun and salt). If the pump was optional there was still a hole to be filled,,tada,,a hatch is easier to install than maintaining two kinds of deck molds. That's just my theory. Don't get me wrong,,I think they can have a use for packing but for high volume cockpits there is a lot more accessible space right on the floor and under foredeck that doesn't involve twisting around.

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