Shop tip: micro-balloons

Posted by jahrome on Dec 1, 2004

I spent a huge amount of time sanding, but due to a botched fiberglass/epoxy job on the hull there were still lots of low spots the primer would not quite fill. I decided to try out this idea of using fairing compound by mixing epoxy and the micro-balloons MAS sells.

I mixed it thick enough so it doesn't run and it worked wonders in filling ALL of those low spots. It went from cratered-moon to swiss-cheese fairness almost instantly! ;-)

The few high spots the fairing compound made were relatively easy to sand down and smooth out and prime over again. Still a little work left to do sanding but it's about ready to start painting. At this point, as long as the boat looks "blue" I think I'll be happy.

Glad I learned how to wet out fiberglass by the time I got to the deck!