Re: Nope, ignore the prev

Posted by Terry Mcadams on Dec 2, 2004

Ya know, I've wondered if the mix ratio was the same by either weight or volume. Being lazier than Ceaser's bodyguards, I've never looked into it. The math is fascinating, but entirely too complicated for 7 AM on a Saturday morning when I often get the urge to glue something up.

Me? I'll stick to using the 1 cc syringes that my cat conveniently requires for his allergy shots. Very accurate for small batches. Free, as I have to buy them anyway, and they allow me to look quite like a physician. If any of you live near Philadelphia and want a handful of them, e-mail me.

Now if I can only find that old lab coat from grad school and that old stethoscope from my lifeguard days, I can really play doctor.


In Response to: Re: Nope, ignore the prev by Mark Camp on Dec 1, 2004