Re: Twist or

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 4, 2004

Before I glue after stitching, I eyeball the stern and bow to death by sighting along the length of the keel. If your panels are cut precisely then the very fine edges at both the bow and stern should be exactly touching. That gives you a straight joint at both ends. This assumes that any jointing you have done on the panels has been done perfectly. One of the panels was not glued together well enough so that it kinda tilted to one side, I'm talking no more than 1 - 1 1/2 mm (about 1/8") at the ends. That was enough to cause me grief. I had to break the joint after unstitching the panel, reglue it so that the joint was butted properly, then restitch it. Once I made that correction everything was better. Take a look at your joints on the individual panels, perhaps that twist originates there. Eyeball along the keel from several different angles, you just might see where you went wrong that way.

That's my $0.02 CDN.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Twist or by Lloyd on Dec 3, 2004