Now aint that the trewth!

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Dec 4, 2004

Good thing I ran outta coffee or it would have been unceremoniously spewed onto the monitor. Well stated, mon.

We could chew mahogany flavoured gum to get a somewhat kinda of a bit like a calming effect like minimalized withdrawl. There just might be a market for northerners on all continents. Certainly, it's easy for those soft southerners to not understand how hard it is for us northerners. Try living in Edmonton, we're getting to -15 or worse today with snow for the next two days. Temperatures may even drop below -20 C and that will freeze the river up solid. What will I do with all this time I will have (no heated garage and the wife is tired of me building boats in the living room).

Robert N(ortherner) Pruden

In Response to: Aw, Geeze, Ed! by Mac on Dec 4, 2004


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