Re: One-sided strength

Posted by Laszlo on Dec 5, 2004

I appreciate it, Robert. I just had to do that, you know. It's Christmas time and the spirit of giving was upon me.

The sad part is, if you look at the way the Microsofts, Mercks and other big companies have been behaving, the idea that someone would try to patent a paddle that's shorter on one side may not be the joke that it really is.

After all, if the biotech companies can patent human genes that have literally been part of us since the dawn of humanity, why not a mismatched paddle? What ever happened to the idea of prior art? I mean, every conception results in the production of every human gene, more or less. Does this mean they're going to patent sex? Or will Homeland Security just classify it first? It can be used to create new terrorists, you know.

All of a sudden, being out in a swamp in a pointy wooden box with a paddle that's shorter on one side seems to be the sane part of the day. :-)

It's a wonderful life,


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