Re: Flip/cam lever

Posted by LeeG on Dec 12, 2004

I didn't think this through,,,how about this,,put a swiveling tab of ply on the hatch that is secured to a long (1 1/2"?) machine screw (I have no idea how)that has a cam like tab on the bottom that can swivel under the deck and pull the hatch down. put the hole through the hatch rib about 3/8" in from the end? Experiment first with mounting the regular webbing set-up next to the hatch/through the deck and not the sheerclamps and get good at pressing the buckles together with two hands, thumbs and forefingers. If that still doesn't cut it then go for the lever/cam like closures. Closing hatches on a cold, cold day the fastek bucles start to look like what they were designed for,,buckling buckles on back packs and fanny packs where there's no load at closure then snugging them up tight. The really aren't ideal for closing with max load at closure like a hatch strap where a minimal finger/hand strength is needed for a secure closure. If you consider the amount of pressure required to hold an aft hatch seal down WELL and other applications where Fastek buckles are used like a back pack waist belt you'd see 2" belt/buckles.

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