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Posted by Mac on Dec 14, 2004

I've done this with oval shaped hatches on a Roy Folland Sea Lion. The screws are backed-up under the deck with 1 1/2" long 1/2 X 1/2 soft wood and are approximately 2" from the hatch rim.

You can really see the webbing pull down over the hatch cover edges. These hatches are designed not to slide around much, and have closed cell foam weather stripping around the edge of the opening as well as the bottom edge of the cover. I've dunked, rolled (unsuccessfully) and straddled quite a bit with very little water getting in the rear and zero in the front. I think the water is sucked into the back through the foam gaskets from the pumping action of my 240lb cowboy reentry attempts on a relatively flat rear deck.

I'm giving up this type of reentry as I can't stand to hear my boat scream any more.


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