now you did it

Posted by LeeG on Feb 5, 2005

me thinks the overdevelopment of fillets started with the Yare/Severn where retention of the wires was a part of the construction, thereafter 3" tape and 6oz glass became the standard with excessive fillets developing over the squished in wires. The Arctic Hawk has sections of the chines that have no glass, only fillets, other sections that are glass and fillet and a little stretch that's tape only. The reason for a fillet is to enable rounding the outside edge without cutting the corner. I haven't done any big bashing of chines but from the crunching of various test panels I"ve done failures in the wood occur adjacent to where glass ends on wood and not at the epoxy joint. In other words if you hit a rock on the bottom panel the damage is at the point of impact and inside, if you hit a rock on the bottom panel where there is 3" 9oz tape on a chine with no glass on the inside bottom panel the damage will occur at the point of impact and inside where there is no glass with the damage traveling to and stopping at the 9oz tape. If there was no 3" tape and only 6 oz cloth over the inside bottom panel the total damage would be less. Having tape becomes redundant once there's glass cloth across the fillets. If you had sharp chines and no fillets then more glass with the 2" tape makes sense but I'd opt for rounder chines and minimal fillets to support the curve with cloth over that.

In Response to: Fillets? What Fillets?? by Mac on Feb 5, 2005