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Posted by LeeG on Feb 5, 2005

if you lay down some blue masking tape right at the wire holes it's easy to confine the fillets to a particular size. Thereafter the only trick is getting the viscosity of the goop right. I found that laying down goop then scraping up the excess took a steadier hand than I've got to not scoop the fillet out and it's not readily apparent how much goop can be wasted when it spreads out very thin beyond the joint. When I made a Patuxent I followed the directions that had drawings similar to those pictured below which resulted in 2" wide fillets. There was probably a quarts worth of epoxy in the fillets.

On other first time builders boats who layed down lots of goop then put the tape on it squished out under the tape giving the appearance of smaller fillets but mostly the goop was layered under the tape. after a stretch I noticed folks making fillets narrower than the thickness of the tape,,and other builders using very small fillets.

more ways to skin a cat,,some ways involve more hairballs.

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