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Posted by john B on Mar 1, 2005

Thanks Guys for your responses and great help. At least it seems to be an acknowleged problem and not because I've stuffed up somewhere. So I assume that the "bottom" fore and aft is the bilge panels forced together and epoxied together at the chine. Would Mike's concern (which is mine as well) be alleviated by extended end pours of epoxy to fill over this formed keel?.

Will this new shape cause the deck to have to be modified to have sharper edges?

Yes Rick, I've heard that one before and indeed thought about it but in the interest of being different I'm going to name her after my wife- the Sally B. After all guys, you gotta be diplomatic and gracious if you have a wife that encourages you to build a boat!!

Best wishes to you all and thanks Kurt for the photo. Very encouraging!

Can I have a response to the above please

John B.

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