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Posted by terry on Mar 10, 2005


I've passed on this story/advice so many times the other builders must be sick of it. Anyhow, I used to work for a sign painter when I was a kid varnishing yacht transoms (I'm dating myself here, back to when yachts all had mahobany transoms - and slaves to row them). Anyhow, we used just about any varnish that was on sale, and mixed in some lacquer thinner to prevent sagging. We also used stiff, short-bristle brushes, which allowed us to slap on a thin coat, then scrub it quickly in swirling motions, sometimes even working up a bit of a lather. This stiffened the varnish even more. Then we'd tip it off and leave it. Sags were not unknown, but rare. Easy enough to scrape off and level with a chisel prior to the next coat.


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