Kayak iPod?

Posted by Mike M. on Mar 22, 2005

Anyone ever put a sound system on a kayak before? I'm thinking of getting a waterproof case for my iPod and some small waterproof speakers. I like music when I work out and having some tunes on the kayak while I do some exercise paddling would be nice. I've found a few manufacturers that make waterproof ipod cases, but I don't want to wear ear buds in the boat, simply for safety. Music is nice but I'd much prefer to be able to hear any boats I might not see.

So the case is really no big deal, but as for speakers I wonder if anyone has any recommendations. I've started to research a bit, but most marine speakers I've seen are large and would require some power. Ideally something small that could run on a 9v battery would be best. Doesn't have to sound great. I figure if I mount it under the deck it's going to be awful accoustics anyway. Not sure I want it on top of the deck either.

So - just idea hunting I guess!


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