Re: tape in cockpit?

Posted by LeeG on Mar 24, 2005

No it wouldn't do. But I'd be confused thinking a $1000 Arctic Hawk with 4oz cloth over cockpit fillets wasn't subject to a .4% chance of the hull "unzipping" but a 17Lt with 6oz cloth over the cockpit fillets was. Likewise if cockpit glass was a good idea why isn't it a good idea in the large flat area of the aft compartment of a 17Lt. When entering a kayak at the waters edge you sit with all your weight on the aft edge of the coaming. The odds are equal that a half submerged stick on the sandy beach (sheltered put-in like Pier7) could be 12" in front of the aft bulkhead or 12" behind. If it's in front there's no sounds of cracking okoume,,if it's in back there will be sounds of cracking Okoume. Of course cracking okoume doesn't mean risk of catastrophic failure like unzipping. But I've never heard or seen of such a failure from entering a kayak or running up onto rocks. Is it possible your experience of a hull unzipping was with an unfinished hull?

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