Posted by CLC on Mar 24, 2005

I have consulted the epoxy manufacturers on thinning epoxy; please don't. I have done it myself a half-dozen times but with mixed results, including complete epoxy failure. CLC, System Three, or MAS won't guarantee results with thinned epoxy.

On changing our prescribed fiberglassing schedule in the Chesapeake cockpits: if you've built as many boats as I have, or Lee has, or some of our other correspondents have, you're free to take liberties as you choose. (It's part of the fun, after all.) But wander off the instructions at your own risk.

On Arctic Hawk 'glass layup versus the Chesapeakes: the building sequence is completely different, and comparisons aren't useful in this context. Both are proven to work.

In Response to: Re: tape in cockpit? by LeeG on Mar 24, 2005