don't got no calculator

Posted by LeeG on Mar 25, 2005

But wouldn't it be a neat experiment to make a Ch17LT with 1/2" wide sheerclamps like the old WR164 and MC13(think of the weight savings), 4mm coamings and bulkhead (think of the weight and cost savings), use tape to attach the deck/no bronze ring nails (that require a 3/4" wide sheerclamp), no 1" bronze rigging screws (needed to go into 3/4" sheerclammps) using screwless through deck rigging webbing attachments, use an extra yard of 6oz cloth and no 3" tape (think of the cost and weight savings) and using a flush hatches that are made from the hatch cutout(less production cost,no 6mm or hatchs,,you only need a bunch of 1" wide 4mm pieces with a 4mm rib.) whew,,what fun!

In Response to: Re: Careful. by Mark Camp on Mar 25, 2005