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Posted by LeeG on Mar 25, 2005

No way,,taking a particular design to it's extremes of possibilities is fun. I think there's more than one or two folks who've made a WR180 or WR164 in 3mm. That's why I made a bent deck kayak 18'x21.5" with an upswept sheer using a tiny stiffening stringer up the middle of the foredeck. It looked like a CLC deck but without the stringer would have folded and need to be like an Arctic Hawk/Betsy Bay deck or use a paneled deck. Those changes I was thinking would be to reduce materials cost, reduce weight, increase strength in vulnerable areas without increasing materials and weight everywhere. I guess the consensus was that 6oz is ok unless you're making an Arctic Hawk or haven't made dozens of s&g kayaks.

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