Re: fore bulkhead too low

Posted by Howard on Mar 27, 2005

i am not sure that would be the appropriate procedure to determine if it is low.

there is "spring" (an upward swoop) in the shear line of the chesapeakes. so if you took any two points along the deck and made a straight line...all the in-between points should fall below that line. (the spring is more pronounced the farther forward you move).

the way to determine how "short" the top of your bulkhead is to plane your shear clamps according to the template until the point where the plane simultaneously is cutting into the outside edge of the shear clamp and the inside edge of the side deck. you need to do this for both sides. then fit the bulkhead in place. the shortness of the bulkhead would be the veritical distance down from the inside of the shear edge down to the top of the bulkhead.


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