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Posted by Howard on Jul 3, 2005

the most important thing is that the side panels match when you stack them with respect to their basic shape..if one is a bit longer than the other becuase of a slightly bigger overlap..that is fine....

to decide how to proceed, it would really help to have a picture to see exactly what you mean by "overlapped" two far. the important thing if you want to go with a bright finish is to avoid sanding through the veneer layer of your 4mm panels. once you are through the veneer you will get a sort of dark/ugly underlayer. the veneer layer is typically a tad under 1mm. can you sand it flush and not go through it?

the other thing to keep in mind is that for the chesapeakes, the side panels are until you glue the shear clamp on, you got two chances to fix the panel (one on each side) before your options are exhausted.

one approach i have used in a similar situation, is building up the side that is slightly lower with a a couple of layers of clear epoxy (rather than trying to sand the "high" side back down flush. if the misallignment is only a bit over a milimeter...this approach could potentially allow you to continue on with the hope of a bright finish.

another approach, and not one i have tried, but have read about, is using heat to soften the epoxy enough to allow you to seperate the pieces so that you can reglue them properly. the key thing is to get it hot enough to soften the epoxy...but not so hot that you burn or otherwise discolour the wood. i will let somebody else who may have tried this chime in on how they have done this.


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